Public Quarrels

Shared resources are contested resources, by definition. Any system that claims to monitor the environment must acknowledge the complex societal forces enabling and opposing the process.

The Public Quarrels component of GBF2 are intended to make this contestation explicit and to enable us to learn from the competing viewpoints. As the robotic system collects data in the background, a series of moderated discussions held in public at the beach between academics, activists, artists, community members and engineers will allow divergent viewpoints to be articulated side by side.

Public Data

All the results are available to the public. Public data means more than just open data; Public data means that the unstructured or domain-specific data is communicated in ways that anyone can understand (see numeracy). It also means that people have a place to discuss the information they receive (see beach kiosk).

Internet of Things

You can follow the most recent data on your mobile phone or find comprehensive data sets and various kinds of data analytics. GBF2 will send some of its measurements to Cosm where it can be compared to similar projects.

Beach Kiosk

GBF2 is situated at Beaver Island State Park, on Grand Island, New York. The Beach Kiosk is the central hub for all activities at the beach. This is where 'data-guards' explain GBF2 to beach visitors, maintain equipment and experiment with improvements. The beach kiosk also functions as the meeting point for the public quarrels (see above).

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